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Creating An Effective Seo Article-tips

Planning to host a website? But how will you get your website a to rank as there and many sites showing the same results and here are some tips that will help you create an effective SEO article and will get you a good page rank.

Focus on layout and architecture of site

Choosing a proper architecture and a good layout will help your site to pull more traffic and having an effective SEO. Some of the key points to be remembered here is that the contents of the site should be clear and ad free. Secondly, the navigation and content hierarch should be easy to follow, include contact info and privacy certificate on the page.

Research keywords and Meta descriptions

Choose proper search keywords used in SEO and use them in article, monitor your CTR. Keep the Meta description concise and to the point. The title should be clear and avoid truncation as much as possible.

Header tags and content

Make use of at least one H1 tag on per page, use H2 & H3 LSI keywords, and avoid using header tags in the layout section. Whereas in the content section use SEO keywords in every para prioritize quality of content over frequency and use proper structure for data.

Enhance user experience

User experience can be improved by lowering the bounce rate and minimizing the use of pop-ups. Make use of scroll map software and heat map software for tracking. Make the site mobile optimized having good 404 pages.

Use Google Analytics and Search Console

Monitor the traffic changes, landing and exit pages, bounce rates. Use higher impressions and SERP 11 + links. Fix crawl error if any on desktops and apps. Optimize the loading time using Googles speed optimizing tools.

Image Optimization and Link Building

Images can be optimized using ‘alt-text’, using relevant file name and compressing the size of image. Whereas effective links to site can be build using high domain sites related to the topic, by tracking the backlinks from competitors site and making use of other links and anchor texts.

Social media

To create an effective SEO article, it is very important to be active on social media. You can set your own twitter cards and rich pins in sites. You can create as many links and pages on social media that can promote your site.

Promote your Content

Find the set of popular content in your article and promote it. Make use of sharable assets like ‘infographics’. Use ‘Law of Reciprocity’ to share your contents. And finally, by being patient and following all these tips you are good to go.

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